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Oldskull Store, A high quality and reasonable prices. Under the slogan “T-Shirt & Clothing for everyday wear” New age vintage style which first appears as a result of a strategy of market segmentation. This was at a time when men were looking for a new vintage t-shirt style influenced by international vintage trends, with the brand quickly adapted to their needs by respecting three essential factors: fashion, price and quality. The driving force behind Old Skull is taking vintage t-shirt to the general public. The new age vintage style of Oldskull.

Oldskull Collections;

  • Oldskull Express : The softest, smoothest, best-looking t-shirt available anywhere. Oldskull Express t-shirt digital transfers are high definition full colour contour cut transfers.

Oldskull Store are welcome a distributor in another country too. If you want to be our part you can contact us directly at info@oldskullstore.ae.

Oldskull considers general well-being to be the real aim of every business venture and is committed to making every working day a time for creativity, nowadays, a wide range of items including T-shirts, polo shirts, shorts, Jeans. The brand's philosophy is based on respect, fairness and an ethical work vision, both within the company in its external relations.

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